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Pipe Freeze Plug Services

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Indoor FreezePlug, Pipe Freezes, Nitrogen Freeze PluggingThe process of Indoor nitrogen pipe freeze plugs involves the local application of a refrigerant to the outer wall of a section of pipeline to freeze the liquid content of the pipe, thus forming an ice plug. By suitable choice of plug position and dimension, a section of pipe can be isolated to facilitate its removal, and allow repairs or modifications to be carried out.

By employing the Pipe freeze plugging process the complete system does not have to be drained and, in some cases, can continue to operate without interruption. The advantages gained in reduced downtime, prevention of product contamination and subsequent loss contribute to a considerable financial saving to the customer. In addition, the risk to personnel and to the environment from systems dealing with toxic liquids is reduced.

Pipe freeze plugging techniques can be applied to almost any liquid encountered in a large variety of industrial processes. Systems operating at almost any pressure employing pipe-work, up to large bore dimensions, can be successfully dealt with by using the correct plug to pipe interface strength.

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