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Wall, Tank and Vessel Tapping Services

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Wall tapping assemblies are used for hot tapping onto concrete walls, concrete storage tanks, and large diameter concrete conduits, where a backing draw plate is impractical. We manufacture any size contour to match your needs, with any size outlet through 120", in 125, 150, and 300 lb. classes. The body is fabricated from carbon steel and is available in shop coat or fusion epoxy coat, with either shop coated, fusion epoxy lined, or mortar lined waterways. The assembly is fabricated to match the existing wall contour. Our stainless steel anchor bolts are used to attach the tapping outlet securely to the wall. For smooth walls, one Q-Ring seal is adequate, though for extra security two Q-Rings seals can be used. All assemblies include stainless steel anchor bolts, and a carbide drill bit structure for drilling the concrete structure.

Any wall thickness can be tapped. 20' thick or thicker have been performed.

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